Spend Less Time Searching For Internal Information

Empower your team to securely search, discover and organize content across all your internal apps, including Google Drive, Gmail, GitHub and more.

More than ever, teams aren’t finding what they’re looking for

Application Overload*

On average, knowledge workers use 15 different apps just to do their jobs – each with their own search bars, formats, and authentication flows.

Inability to Self-Serve*

Knowledge workers spend 36% of their day consolidating information. Without proper management, this means spending hours combing over data.

Broken Data Silos

The inability to aggregate data between apps leads to duplicated information, missed communication and lower productivity.

High Resource Costs

Most teams don’t have the necessary resources to develop and manage their own search infrastructure while at the same time delivering value to their customers.

Meet Biome: A Fast and Secure Search Platform For Your Content

Biome provides your team with a unified search interface for finding and organizing internal information. Biome integrates with your existing tools and apps to surface content no matter where it’s stored.

Unified Search

Biome brings a unified search experience to all of your data sources. Use a single web interface to instantly search across your organization. No extra apps or software needed.

Structured Access

Biome allows you to create sub-teams and structure access based on how your organization works best. Set permissions and grant or revoke access with easy-to-use controls so you can securely guide what will be found by individuals and groups.

Frictionless Onboarding

Biome uses Single-Sign On and OAuth to consolidate credentials securely. With one click, your employees will be authenticated with all the apps and services they need.

Search Smarter, Not Harder


How does Biome ensure the security of my data?

All data is securely transmitted through SSL and billing processing is handled by our PCI compliant payments provider. We strive for transparency and welcome any security-related questions at support@trybiome.com.

How hard is it to setup Biome for my team?

In short, not much. Simply create your team accounts and select your integrations. Biome is hosted securely on the cloud, meaning there’s no infrastructure overhead for you to deal with.

How does Biome handle data and privacy?

The data you store in Biome belongs to you. We will never sell or distribute your data and if you wish to stop using Biome at any point, all data is purged from our system.

Does Biome store passwords?

No, our integration’s developer APIs official authentication methods such as OAuth and API Tokens are used and passwords are never stored at Biome.

Who's on the Biome team?

Biome is built by a distributed team of engineers based in Seattle, Toronto and Montreal with a passion for productivity and search.

How can I learn more?

Click on the social links below to stay up-to-date on the latest Biome news and learn more about the platform.