The cross-app search engine for your team

A new way to search for content across your cloud

Full content indexing

Search metadata and item contents. Get context on where your results are found.

Secure by default

Biome comes with industry-leading encryption and respects app permissions.

Answers in two clicks

Biome’s job is to get you to your result as fast as possible. Just really good search.

Biome works with the apps you already use

Search across Google Drive, Github, Slack, and Box. Need to search something else? Chat with the Biome team about supporting your apps.

Why Biome?

The world is changing. Companies are rapidly transitioning to online work so they can keep their employees safe and productive. But in doing so, the traditional ways of gathering context - hallway conversations and face-to-face communication - are being lost. And as companies try to bring on new tools and services to manage their knowledge gaps, key answers are getting lost in the shuffle.

When important context is lost, your organization loses out.

Biome shortens the distance between you and the answers you’re looking for. It’s a search engine that aggregates files and conversations from all your apps to enable easy discovery.

Biome was founded by a group of developers facing these exact challenges in their day jobs. It's a product we're counting on to do our own work more effectively.

Biome is currently in private beta.