The cross-app search engine for your team

See the forest for the trees and uncover any file or conversation across GSuite, Slack, Github, and more.

A fast and secure solution to information overload

Grant permissions

Choose who on your team can view certain files. With permissions and sub-teams, every team member can only access the files they’re supposed to.

No more lost docs

Biome is a search engine for every file across your organization’s tool suite. Forget where you stored an important doc? Find it using Biome.

Organize a sea of endless docs

Sort and search files and messages. Biome uses a proprietary indexing and retrieval system to surface any internal info, no matter where it’s stored.

Enjoy team-wide efficiency

Knowledge workers spend up to 1.5 hours a day searching for the right files. Turn those hours into seconds with a search tool that makes every file easier to store and find.

Keep information secure

All data is securely transmitted through SSL. We never store your passwords. Have additional security questions? We’re happy to help: support (at)

Maximize your existing apps

The average knowledge worker uses 15 apps to do their job. Biome makes cross-app searching simple, helping you get the most out of every app.

Why Biome

As more companies transition from all-encompassing IT solutions to using dozens of dynamic SaaS offerings, it’s getting harder to keep files organized across your organization and tool suite.

When important docs are lost, your organization loses out.

Biome shortens the distance between you and the file you’re looking for. It’s a search engine that aggregates files from all your apps to enable easy discovery.

Biome launches soon and is currently in Beta. If you're interested in providing feedback, join the free beta program to unlock discounted pricing in the future.

Search smarter, not harder.
Biome is now available in Beta.